Food Issues Series

To travel is to eat. And we spend a considerable amount of time planning our travels around just that. Sustainably sourced and seasonally produced, handpicked and homemade with love – our Food Issues from across the globe highlight an abundance of culinary delights and experiences from the most local of tastemakers. We take our time finding the local delicacies, getting to know the esteemed creators and producers behind their locally renowned fare. Why? Because somebody had to do it.

Bragging rights aside, we believe that the best creations come from people who put their heart and soul into what they do. What better way to experience such artisanal craft than by tasting our way through charming menus and getting to know the creators stirring up some of the most locally respected cuisine with such fervor. In our Food Issues, you’ll see how local tastemakers blend traditional influences with modern techniques, how bold chefs use old ingredients in new creative ways and get a taste of the street scenes in cities whose food stalls have made them internationally famous.

Food Issues | Croatia – We headed to Istria, which is known for its gloriously good and sought after truffles. It’s here that we went foraging for truffles and had them served up alongside delectable dishes native to the area. For a taste of Rovinj, we found Blu, a restaurant located inside a family home where you can literally hear the water while dining. Then, we went out to Villa Ruza on Kolocep, which is set in the center of a loving little cove where chef and owner Ruđer Jelavić guided us through an exquisite food and wine menu.

Food Issues | Spices of Turkey – See how the vendors at the astounding Spice Market put on a show as they churn out a variety of over 3000 colorful and wonderfully scented spices for display at the renowned Spice Market.

Food Issues | Extra Virgin Bistro – Fresh sustainably sourced fish straight from the fishmonger with a modern twist on classic dishes amid St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Abe’s By The Sea, however, is a sleepy seafood shack serving up lobsters straight from the water beneath your feet in The British Virgin Islands, Jost Van Dyke.

Essentials | New Orleans – So much hearty Southern food, where to begin? You’ll be ahead of the curve with a stop into Mother’s for some home-styled fare with heritage. Central Grocery’s Muffuletta is one sandwich worth more than an honorable mention. There will be plenty of time to taste test all those gloriously deep fried French pastries, but put Morning Call Coffee Stand at the top of that list, locally known as the granddaddy of all beignets. Lastly, there’s nothing more classically New Orleanian than taking part in a family-styled crawfish boil.

Food Issues | La Guarida – These new styled restaurants are popping up all over Havana, Cuba as a result of softened regulations on nationwide reforms. They’re turning Havana into a thriving culinary scene thanks to innovative menus and buzzing atmospheres like the ones at O’Reilly 304 and other paladares in Cuba.

Food Issues | Miami’s New Crop – A new generation of locally respected chefs whose popular restaurants are using properly produced produce grown by their local independent farmer. MiMo, Miami’s upper east side district is thriving with young and budding chefs who are thinking differently when it comes to cuisine. Some of our top picks include Finka, Loba, Pinch and an honorable mention that goes to Zak The Baker.

Food Issues | San Francisco – We’ve decided it’s impossible to get a bad meal in San Francisco, especially if you’re headed to Brenda’s French Soul Food. Brenda Buenviaje’s restaurant offers a healthy mix of savory and sweet with a down south spin to San Francisco’s already tasteful foodie scene. San Francisco is known for its start-up scene, but it doesn’t only apply to technology. Nomica and Sequoia Sake are making a name for themselves by literally inventing new approaches to old traditions.

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